It seems marketers know no boundaries when they want their message to be seen. Our skyline is punctuated with giant and blatant billboards, even the seats we rest upon on public transit or at a bus shelter are repurposed with solicitations, and our streets are littered with discarded flyers, brochures, menus, when they aren’t stuffed under the windshield wiper blades of parked cars. It seems that public space is not even public space anymore, it has to be a canvas for companies to brand and deface and claim as their own. We want to take back our urban landscape, and fight back against careless and inconsiderate advertising. Let’s encourage campaigns to be thoughtful, to be creative, to be conscious of storytelling, to be respectful of their physical context and their audience, when they have to be incorporated into our user experience.

Where would you like to forego “BADvertising”? We’re starting a conversation about invasive, inelegant, and downright ugly solicitations disruptingĀ our user experiences digitally and physically. Will it relent? (And who is courageous enough to stick these stickers on such atrocities? Email us at

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