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The Barbie & Ken Break Up: A Marketing Story

Since 1961, Barbie and Ken shared a life through the decades. Then, in 2004, Mattel did something that shocked the toy industry. They announced that Barbie and Ken had broken up on Valentines Day in 2004. Society watched and waited in suspense to see if Barbie and Ken would rekindle their romance. In this blog I’ll break down the famous Barbie and Ken break up that took place in various forms of media, which encompassed a marketing plan in a league of its own.
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Products: Barbie Branding & Marketing History

Barbie and Mattel have teamed up to create one of the longest living toys in America and have not only influenced the toy industry but American culture. In this two part series, I’ll first take you through a glimpse of the history of the Barbie brand and its marketing presence. Then, I’ll delve into the famous Barbie and Ken break up marketing campaign in part two.
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