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Advertising in GTA5

Advertising in Grand Theft Auto 5
“Let’s listen to some important messages about products I don’t want,” says the radio host on GTA V’s imitation hipster station Radio Mirror Park. While you might not want any of the outrageous products featured in GTA V’s satirical recreation of Los Angeles, you might be interested by the way they’re advertised – I certainly was. After picking up the game, I did what any normal person would do and took pictures of every billboard I could find. Time permitting, I’ll post more of the faux advertising in the game, as well as discuss what it says about advertising. For now though, enjoy some of these funny in-game ads.
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Billboards: 3 Simple Rules

Billboard Main
I live in Los Angeles. For better or for worse, I spend a large portion of my time in my car. When you drive a lot, you see a lot of billboards. When you see a lot of billboards, you forget most of them. What is the last billboard you can remember seeing? Do you remember the product? Do you remember what the product does? Every day when I drive I take note of the billboards on my route (safely, of course) and think about what’s working for them and what isn’t. I’ve collected my thoughts and some advice I’ve been given on the art of writing them in this post, which I hope you find helpful.
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Marketing: Outdoor Interaction

Billboards are a traditional media tool but still have opportunities to push the envelope and interact with audiences. Digital billboards can easily interact with passerby. I see many opportunities for companies to grow sales by interacting with customers through billboards in collaboration with smart and feature phones. There have been several cases that have taken the traditional billboard to a whole new level of interaction with consumers. Below I discuss five examples of interactive billboards.

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