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Enter the Grumblr

The Grumblr
Here’s an interesting one: A Monster’s University student has set up his own tumblr. The Grumblr blogs about all aspects of life at Monsters University. His most recent post shows the damage that a recent Fear Tech hacking did to the Monsters University site.

[TUTORIAL] How to Create an Animated GIF

Lately, we have been seeing animated GIFs of our favorite movie scenes making a comeback on Tumblr and on various blogs. It’s a cool way to share films you like and the best part is that they aren’t that complicated to make. Here is a tutorial on how to make your own GIF from your favorite movie.
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List: Successful YouTube Channels

As I discussed in my last post about YouTube advertising resources, YouTube is definitely the big dog in online video. Soon, I’m going to elaborate on what the YouTube platform has planned for the future as well as my thoughts on the proposed shift in media consumption, but first I thought I’d share a list of the some of the most successful channels on YouTube as a quick way of starting the conversation. These are not organized in any particular way and don’t show every single large channel, just a selection of some of the top performers. For a more detailed list, you can check YouTube’s own channels page or this unofficial list from VidStatsX.
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Online Social Media Resources

Social media is one of the more disruptive concepts that has been changing way we use the Internet and interact with our peers. As its introduction has been not marked by a clear cut transition but rather a gradual shift (and constant change) in technologies and platforms, it’s important to stay current with news and opinions on the industry. Here are some resources that should help you find some footing.
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Online Advertising Resources

Advertising is a complex and quickly changing industry. Here are some online sites that we think are excellent resources to keep up with.
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Online Typography Resources


Typography is something that is so pervasive that most of us don’t think twice about it. Here are some great resources for learning about typography and different types of fonts.
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Online Technology Resources

Technology moves fast. Keeping up with all the news can be a job in and of itself. We put together this list of online technology resources to help you stay in the know.
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An Excerpt from our Blogging Policy

An Excerpt from our Blogging Policy

After I wrote about some of the mistakes brands and companies can make in social media, I constructed our own company social media policy for this blog. I drew some inspiration from IBM’s social media policy which I thought was pertinent and succinctly written. Since this a company blog, there were two distinctions I had to carve out between personal social media and company social media that I thought I’d share.
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