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Bluetooth with the Blue Crew

Dodgers Stadium
2014 marked the rollout of iBeacon technology to a number of MLB ballparks across America. Los Angeles’ own Dodgers Stadium notably implemented its own system along with the Padre’s Petco Park down in San Diego. While the press releases were alluring, we wondered what the actual user experience was like for the average fan in the stands, so we put on our best blue shirts and headed over to 1000 Elysian Park.
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Unboxing + Demo of Sphero

Watch as we take a look inside Sphero, a cool new toy from Orbotix.

Bluecasting – A Case Study

Many were expecting the iPhone 4S to come packaged with NFC technology. While that didn’t happen to be the case, the new iOS 5 powered iPhone 4S is the first iPhone to utilize Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Proximity marketing technologies such as NFC and Bluetooth open up new avenues to marketers looking to explore transmitting marketing messages to consumers. The iPhone 4S’ Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities reminded us of a case study we conducted 6 months ago on Bluetooth proximity marketing, so we thought we should share our experience in light of the iPhone’s new hardware.

3 Helpful Tips for Marketing Experiments

3 Helpful Tips for Marketing Experiments

Recently we conducted an experiment to find out how we could utilize Bluetooth in marketing. While I’ll post the write-up and video of how our little case study went later on, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on setting up and conducting a marketing experiment. Mostly tips and tricks for success, but I think it’ll be helpful for those looking to attempt something similar.
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