Implementing physical phenomena in applications can make them highly interactive and create a very realistic experiences for any user, making their interaction more pleasant and intuitive. With the rise of HTML5 and its many possibilities, developing rich interactive and fancy features has become even easier with the many tools available such as the canvas element and the Box2D library. Box2Djs is a JavaScript port of the AS3 version of the famous 2D physics engine library : Box2D. This tool, originally developed for C/C++ applications, allows you to create a virtual two-dimensional world in which the laws of physics apply, especially the most famous – gravity. You can add bodies with specific shapes and make them bounce against each other. You can also set their physical proprieties, like their mass, their velocity, their density. This library provides a large amount of easy to useĀ  functions and objects and you can make excellent features by employing just a few of them.
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