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Copy Shop Tuesday : (Super) Bowling for Truth

I love commercials almost as much as I do not love football. The idea of a brand buying a kajillion dollar :60 second spot and making us laugh, or cry, or gasp in shock, is so cool to me. If anything, it reminds me that while technology still cranks out flashy-but-doomed novelties and things are filmed and printed in 3D (why?) writers still need to tell stories, and people still need to hear them. We tend to hang onto those stories that ring true for us; the messages that illuminate something old in a fresh new way. It is an elevated but classic form of communication, and it is so, so, so important and will never not be.

Have you guys seen the new awesome (surprise, Weiden & Kennedy, Portland) Weight Watchers spots? I think I actually bolted upright from my horizontal couch position mid-Hulu binge when I saw this campaign.

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Positioning-Roulette: A Simple Tool for Building Brand Stories

Positioning-RouletteIf you’re struggling to come up with a brand positioning for your product or client, Positioning-Roulette is an ideation tool from Ulli Appelbaum that is designed to elevate your strategic thinking. The objective of Positioning-Roulette is to “stimulate creativity and help… find new solutions, make new connections, and look at your brand and category from a new perspective.” Though currently in Beta (which definitely shows), the utility can be helpful in providing you with a bird’s eye view of the strategic strengths and weaknesses in the positioning of your product.
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The One Show Young Ones: 2014

The Young Ones
The One Show professional deadline is coming up on January 31st, but for all the young copywriters and art directors out there, the One Show Young Ones Competition is accepting entries until March 7th.

There are two briefs this year. The first is for Organic, a fashion brand by John Patrick. The second is an open call for saving the arts. The brief says you can choose (or create) any brand or cause that fits the bill. You can download both creative briefs here.
Young Ones

Best of luck to all participants!

Why Snickers’ AdWords Campaign Nailed It

Last month, Snickers launched a campaign through AMV BBDO that bought out misspelled Google search terms and served ads that reminded them they can’t spell properly when they’re hungry. The campaign, besides being funny, is a slam dunk for various reasons and serves as a good reminder of what creatives should strive for.
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Game of Thrones – Modernized Sigils

Game of Thrones Main
Since we all love Game of Thrones so much, we thought we would take a look at what some of the House’s sigils would look like in an updated and modern future of the Game of Thrones universe. Here are the logos we created – we hope you like them and let us know if you’d like to see more.
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Apple’s Logo – An Investigation

Apple's Logo - An Investigation
Apple’s iconic logo is recognized all around the world. Some have called it a nearly flawless design, particularly because the “leaf” at the top of the apple is supposed to perfectly fit into the “bite” taken out its side. We decided to find out whether that bit was true by cutting out the leaf and placing it inside of the bite ourselves. Take a look inside to see our results.
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Mad Men Advertisements

In celebration of AMC’s Mad Men returning after an 18 month hiatus for its fifth season, we decided to pair classic advertising slogans with each character from the hit show. See if you can figure out which brand is attached to each character and check back on Sunday for more Mad Men images.
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Marketing to the African American Consumer


Advertising that appeals to ethnic identities and specific cultures has become an important aspect in advertising. If this is not executed correctly, it can turn multicultural consumers against a company. Research shows that minorities are more brand loyal than the general market, so understanding how to appeal to these segments is key. To successfully appeal to these markets that encompass America, understanding the attitudes, values and characteristics of the multicultural consumer is important to make that connection and change their purchasing behavior. This will be one of a three part series where I’ll discuss marketing tactics to advertise to African American, Latino American and Asian American consumers.
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Brand Archetypes 101

Advertising has always used archetypal imagery to market products. After reading “The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes,” written by Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson, I’d like to discuss brand archetypes and how marketers can leverage archetypal meanings with brands.
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Advertising Resources In Print

The advertising industry is one that doesn’t have set paths in order to accomplish specific goals. Consequently, campaigns and projects require both creative and critical thought to be successful. We’ve compiled this list of relevant books that we think are good starting points for anyone looking to learn more about the industry, the art of advertising, and the thought process and methods behind the marketing of major products and services.
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