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4 HTML5 APIs to Improve Your Web Apps

The HTML5 revolution has brought many useful tools and new APIs with it, but despite new features being implemented in modern browsers, many developers are still unaware of some of those gems. In this post we will take a look at 4 APIs that will help you build web applications more efficiently and offer better user experiences, especially on mobile. As you’ll see, support for these features is more widespread than you might think!
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[TUTORIAL] Endless Scrolling

Endless Scrolling
Endless scrolling is a popular navigation tool these days. In a nutshell, it consists of loading the content of a page dynamically while the user scrolls to the bottom of the page. With this technology, the user doesn’t need to click on a button to access all of the content on a page, which, in most cases, is a better user experience.
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Impressive HTML5/JavaScript Possibilities

HTML/JS Main Image
Recently we’ve seen some really impressive HTML5 experiments around the web. We all know about classic HTML5 demos that show off cool techniques but they are not quite new. In this blog post, we will talk we about advanced projects using promising and powerful APIs. We’ll be looking at 3D games, sound codecs, ray tracing, and C++ libraries based on JavaScript.
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HTML5 Boilerplate: A Rock-Solid Default for HTML5 Awesome

HTML5 Boilerplate was developed by Paul Irish and Divya Manian. This project took almost three years to be completed having first been announced on August 10th, 2010.
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