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TUTORIAL TUESDAY: Setting Up a Canvas With Dragging and Boundaries in Swift

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week for our tutorial, we welcome our developer Matthieu to the blog. He’s going to walk us through setting up a canvas in Swift with dragging and boundaries.

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[TUTORIAL] HTML5 Canvas and IE


When you want to develop rich and highly interactive web applications, using HTML5 features coupled with some JavaScript might sound like a great idea at first. But at one point, you will have to face one of the most challenging issues for a web developer: Cross platform compatibility and browser version support. This issue becomes especially problematic when you have to take in consideration previous versions of Internet Explorer, such as IE7 and IE8, which don’t support the HTML5 canvas tag at all. Luckily, some simple tools and features are available to overcome this annoying compatibility issue. Continue reading

[TUTORIAL] Basic WebGL Using HTML5

Today, the main technologies for developing Web 3D are Flash and HTML5. Among Internet Browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Safari are the best in terms of support and performance. One of the additional features from HTML4 is that the HTML5 is able to use the canvas element, this allows for hardware acceleration for 3D rendering. One of the most useful Javascript libraries is three.js by Mr. Doob which we can use as a Web 3D engine. Using this engine, we can create our own 3D objects without writing the complicated rendering/raytracking algorithm.
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