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[REVIEW] Knights of Pen & Paper

Knights of Pen & Paper
If you’re like me, you may enjoy playing video games but can’t make a whole lot of time for them. Since my schedule doesn’t allow for me to get involved in blockbuster A-list role-playing games like Skyrim anymore, I was looking for a casual game to pass the time on my phone for whenever I had a spare moment. I discovered Knights of Pen & Paper on iOS randomly a few weeks ago and downloaded it on a whim. If you’re looking for a light RPG that delivers on the go, then look no further.
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Hone Your Brain-Jutsu With Memory Dojo

Memory Dojo
Our friend and former coworker Alice just published her first iOS game Memory Dojo as part of Chin and Cheeks. The game has you guiding “Ninja” through memory lessons with his Sensei. The rounds start innocuously enough but increase in difficulty as you play, adding to the challenge and fun.

The game is available through the iTunes App Store for free. If you’re the first person to beat the game, the fine folks at Chin and Cheeks will send you a secret mystery gift. So get playing!

Check out gameplay screenshots below.
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Gaming and Marketing

Gaming has an important role in the market place for brands and companies. A branded game provides in-depth engagement and can be leveraged across platforms. Gamification also increases brand adoption, brand loyalty, sharing and the most important bottom line to marketers: sales.
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