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OMG, It’s 2015 and iPosture is NOT CUTE.


Before I was a copywriter, I worked as an office manager for a production company. When we would hire new people, I often got sucked into the role of “interviewer” because of how unassuming and/or intimidating I was or wasn’t. I really looked forward to it, not because it put me in a position of power, but because I could pretend to make notes on the applicant’s resume while really all I was doing was tally-marking every time they used the word, “like.” Do you realize how much more attractive, intelligent, and cool you would appear to be if you could eliminate this word from your vocabulary? Like, seriously. Now I’m going to talk about what you look like when you hold your iPhone.

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Bluecasting – A Case Study

Many were expecting the iPhone 4S to come packaged with NFC technology. While that didn’t happen to be the case, the new iOS 5 powered iPhone 4S is the first iPhone to utilize Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Proximity marketing technologies such as NFC and Bluetooth open up new avenues to marketers looking to explore transmitting marketing messages to consumers. The iPhone 4S’ Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities reminded us of a case study we conducted 6 months ago on Bluetooth proximity marketing, so we thought we should share our experience in light of the iPhone’s new hardware.

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