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Marketing to the African American Consumer


Advertising that appeals to ethnic identities and specific cultures has become an important aspect in advertising. If this is not executed correctly, it can turn multicultural consumers against a company. Research shows that minorities are more brand loyal than the general market, so understanding how to appeal to these segments is key. To successfully appeal to these markets that encompass America, understanding the attitudes, values and characteristics of the multicultural consumer is important to make that connection and change their purchasing behavior. This will be one of a three part series where I’ll discuss marketing tactics to advertise to African American, Latino American and Asian American consumers.
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First Look: Super Bowl XLVI Ads

Super Bowl Sunday: the strikers don’t strike on it. If there’s one event that embodies America, it’s certainly the National Football League’s yearly championship game. I personally enjoy football. I love watching games and playing them (on my Xbox 360), so I’m definitely a fan of the yearly festivities. But, as we all know, the Super Bowl has always been famous for its advertisements.
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