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[TUTORIAL] How To Choose Between Four Color Or Spot Color Printing

Printing Main
During a recent project, I ran into some bumps while prepping an Adobe Illustrator file for a printer. After a bit of research, I was able to answer a lot of my own questions regarding the differences between a Four Color Printing and Spot Color Printing. I’ve decided to take that experience and translate it into a few tips that will hopefully help anyone faced with a similar situation.
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Childhood Pantone Swatch – Pokemon Edition

Pokemon Swatch
Here’s another addition to my collection of cartoon swatches. This time I’ve decided to make swatches of my favorite Pokemon characters.
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Childhood Pantone Swatch – Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter Swatch
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Branding: Brand Identity Flags


Much like a country’s flag, a brand’s identity is supposed to represent the brand as a whole. Looking at some of the most recognizable brand identities, one of the things that stands out the most is the colors that are used. Why were these colors chosen? What do the colors mean? What do they mean to the company? These are some important questions to ask when considering which colors should represent a brand. In this entry, 16 brand identities were turned into flags to represent each brand as if they were countries. The prevalence of each color was taken into consideration in making these flags.
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