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Grab Props from the How I Met Your Mother Prop-erty Vault

There are tons of great props up for grabs in the huge How I Met Your Mother sweepstakes. If you’re a fan of the show, now is a great time to take home a piece of How I Met Your Mother and television history. Here are a few of our favorites from the sweepstakes!
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[Adult Swim] Bump Building

Adult Swim Bump Builder
So you think you’re a wise guy, huh? Do you look like a clown to you? If so, you might want to try your hand at Adult Swim’s Bump Builder. Adult Swim has long been famous for its 15 second “bumps” which serve as self-advertisement for the channel’s brand. The writers over at Adult Swim have written everything from the inane to the absurd, and now they’ve opened up the flood gates to UGC on iOS and Android. No promises that your classically sardonic wit will get your 15-second Bump on the air, but you said to never tell you the odds anyway.

When you download the app, you can also sync it with Adult Swim to get extra content while you watch. Everybody loves extra content.

You can download the iOS app here.
You can download the Android app here.
And you can access the wildly colorful web version here.

You can also check out the ghosts of bumps past over at BumpWorthy if you’re looking for an example to live by.

It’s Always Sunny – Toxicology Reports

What would The Gang from It’s Always Sunny learn about their bodies at their yearly physicals (as if they went to them)? Click below to see the rest!
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Advertising in GTA5

Advertising in Grand Theft Auto 5
“Let’s listen to some important messages about products I don’t want,” says the radio host on GTA V’s imitation hipster station Radio Mirror Park. While you might not want any of the outrageous products featured in GTA V’s satirical recreation of Los Angeles, you might be interested by the way they’re advertised – I certainly was. After picking up the game, I did what any normal person would do and took pictures of every billboard I could find. Time permitting, I’ll post more of the faux advertising in the game, as well as discuss what it says about advertising. For now though, enjoy some of these funny in-game ads.
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This Week’s Movie Taglines

Movie Tag Lines
In light of Star Trek Into Darkness’ release today, I thought I’d take a look at the tag lines of this week’s movie releases and review them for their effectiveness on a 5 Star Scale. Star Trek Into Darkness was released yesterday, but the other two come out tomorrow so be sure to check them out as well.
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Modern Family – Infographics

Modern Family Main
Modern Family is on tonight at 9|8 Central time, so we thought we should share some infographics we created exploring the quirks of each family from the show!
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Ace Ventura Animated Gifs

Happy Friday to everyone out there. In celebration of the weekend, we thought we’d share some great Ace Ventura animated gifs!
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