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The Dark Knight Rises – Animated GIFs

The Dark Knight Rises - 1The Dark Knight Rises - 2The Dark Knight Rises - 3
The Dark Knight Rises - 4The Dark Knight Rises - 5The Dark Knight Rises - 6
The Dark Knight Rises - 7The Dark Knight Rises - 8The Dark Knight Rises - 9

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy comes to an epic conclusion this Friday, July 20th with the The Dark Knight Rises. Here are some animated GIFs from the movie to help you get ready for the excitement!

The Post-it X-Men: Wolverine

As a bonus to the Post-It Avengers, we also created a template for Wolverine in anticipation of his upcoming solo flick The Wolverine in 2013. Hope you enjoy!

The Pixel Avengers – Templates

The Avengers
For those of you who want to recreate the Hulk or any of the other Avengers in Post-its, here are the templates to do so. We think the templates themselves look pretty cool as well.
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The Post-it Hulk Pictures

Hulk 1
In anticipation of The Avengers being released tomorrow, we thought we’d use some office supplies to pay tribute to one of Marvel’s greatest superheroes and one of the biggest (at least physically) stars of the film: the Hulk. Tomorrow, we’ll post the blueprints to make The Hulk as well as all of the other Avengers.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed making them!
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Real Life Super Heroes

Most people think that in order to become a super hero, you have to be born on another planet or involved in some sort of intense radiation accident. While I don’t suggest you try to do either, it seems that some people have been taking a more realistic approach to becoming superheroes in the real world with varying results. Real Life Super Heroes, a website dedicated to actual people who dress up in costumes and fight crime in their communities, chronicles those adventures and provides resources for those who would don the mask of justice.
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Super Heroic Advertising Guild

For Halloween, we decided just dressing up wasn’t enough – we actually wanted to be Super Heroes this year. That’s why we founded the Super Heroic Advertising Guild and started fighting for justice. You can follow our adventures in each of our comic series, with descriptions and downloadable covers in the full post.
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Comics: The New 52 – First Impressions


Last night, I read Flashpoint #5 to prepare me for the transition to the new 52’s first release Justice League #1. Flashpoint #5 provided a plausible explanation for the reboot (plausible by comic book standards, anyway) that was actually, despite my limited comic book background, really interesting and engaging. In so many words, the Flash – arguably DC’s most powerful superhero – resets the entire timeline of the DC universe and we are dropped into the reboot of the new 52.
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Comics: The New 52 – DC’s Ambitious Reboot


Reboots are becoming a frequent occurrence in franchises. This year in the film industry we’ve seen the success of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and we have The Amazing Spiderman to look forward to next year. However, one of the biggest reboots of all time is actually beginning today with DC’s new 52, transitioning from the end of summer story arc Flashpoint #5 to the new Justice League #1. Every single DC character is getting rebooted, starting at issue #1. For a character as storied as Superman, whose comics number in the 700s, this is a pretty big deal.
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