Occasionally, an album comes by that just floors you. The words inspire you and the music moves you. On a whim, I checked out Sweden’s own Suis La Lune’s new release “Riala” the other day, having heard their single “Friends” from their split with Osceola. “Friends” was a technically complicated and musically diverse track, exemplifying Suis La Lune’s solid grasp on song writing and mastery of their instruments – Riala furthered that impression to a much greater degree. From the dissonant feedback kicking off “Cornea” all the way to the climactic finish of “One and All, Every Bit,” Riala grabs you and refuses to let your ears go. I’d highly recommend checking out the title track (featured above) and the album as a whole even if you’re not a big fan of the genre.

Riala is available through Topshelf Records.

Suis La Lune is on Facebook and Last.fm.