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Car Commercials: My Best of the Best

Credit: mcgarrybowen London
Seeing this Honda advertisement made me think about cars and how they’re advertised. Their commercials are ubiquitous and usually inspire you to change the channel with their trademark sweeps of vaguely exotic locations and dust being blown up by spinning tires. Some, however, take a different route with their advertising strategies. This post houses my favorites and showcases innovative thinking effectively applied to the car category.
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First Look: Super Bowl XLVI Ads

Super Bowl Sunday: the strikers don’t strike on it. If there’s one event that embodies America, it’s certainly the National Football League’s yearly championship game. I personally enjoy football. I love watching games and playing them (on my Xbox 360), so I’m definitely a fan of the yearly festivities. But, as we all know, the Super Bowl has always been famous for its advertisements.
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