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Made with Code – Sparking Tech Creativity in Girls

Made with Code, Google’s latest project, is a massive collaboration with a host of outside organizations geared towards getting girls interested in coding. It’s described by Google as “an initiative to champion creativity, girls, and code, all at once.”
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D&AD New Blood Awards

D&AD New Blood Awards
A while back, we mentioned the One Show Young Ones student award show as a good way to exercise your advertising brain. If you’re looking to get into the creative game, the D&AD New Blood awards are also a great chance to show off your work. Although submissions opened in February, you can submit up until March 19th – just be wary of the different time zone. Check out the briefs here, and good luck to everyone chasing a Pencil!

Oh, and here’s their way of explaining why you should enter.

Creativity Talks

A while back I posted a talk by cartoonist Matthew Diffee on creativity because I thought it was relevant when discussing process. Creativity is a complicated subject. There’s no formula for being creative or coming up with a creative solution, but I’ve compiled some talks that I think shed some light on the concept and how to put yourself in a place for optimizing out of the box thinking.

This first talk by John Cleese is what got me started thinking about these, and far and away I think is the most important to watch. That said, I think everyone will be able to take something away from each of these, so have fun.
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The One Show Young Ones: 2014

The Young Ones
The One Show professional deadline is coming up on January 31st, but for all the young copywriters and art directors out there, the One Show Young Ones Competition is accepting entries until March 7th.

There are two briefs this year. The first is for Organic, a fashion brand by John Patrick. The second is an open call for saving the arts. The brief says you can choose (or create) any brand or cause that fits the bill. You can download both creative briefs here.
Young Ones

Best of luck to all participants!

A Cartoonist’s Take on Creativity

Start off the week with a humorous talk by New Yorker cartoonist Matthew Diffee on his own creative process and the value of “quantity over quality.” You can check out his Tumblr and his Twitter here. We’ve linked some of his comics in the post below.
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Finding Creativity: Documentaries

You’re stuck solving a creative problem. Everything you come up with feels derivative and uninspired. Attacking the problem head on is leading nowhere. What to do? Well, certainly not what you’ve been doing. I always like to take a step back (time permitting, of course) and immerse myself in completely unrelated. Inspiration can come from the strangest places, and I’ve found that watching documentaries about things I know nothing about can help me gain a different type of insight even if it’s not directly related to the problem at hand. Usually, that turns out to be the best kind.

I’ve assembled a short list of documentaries on a wide variety of topics you can watch for free online when you get stuck. After you watch one, go back to what you were doing. I hope it helps you as much as it helps me.
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On Content Development and the Creative Process

The creative process is challenging and rewarding. If you’re creating content for a campaign, there are several ways to go about it. This article is going to look at the development of content (for my purposes, we’ll consider hypothetical movie campaign) and some of my views and good ways to jump-start and sustain creative ideation.
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