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[TUTORIAL TUESDAY] Drupal 8 Custom Theme

And we’re back with a fresh tasty new tutorial for you!

In this tutorial I’ll review how to make a custom theme for a Drupal 8 site. I’ll show you how to define regions, attach css style and javascript files, and override the default design by using a Twig Template.

drupal 8 logo inline RGB 300

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TUTORIAL: Intro to gulp js: Installing gulp and creating a task

gulpGulp is a build system that takes files in, modifies them and then returns the modified files for use in your project. Gulp can be used to do things like concatenate and compress javascript files, compress images, compile sass back to css and much more.

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CSS Preprocessors Are Awesome.

CSS preprocessors make CSS way better and anyone who writes a significant amount of styles should be using some kind of preprocessor. It’s understandable why some people are hesitant to switch to this workflow. It adds more complexity to the development process, you have to install extra stuff, maybe work from the terminal, and figure out how to automatically compile your code to regular CSS. It can be a lot of stuff to do, but while initially it may take more time and work to set up a project, it will pay off in the long run. The reason why CSS preprocessors exist is because CSS by itself can be pretty limited. Two very popular CSS preprocessors are Sass and Less, so I will focus on these two. With something like Sass or Less you get the ability to use variables, functions, mixings, you get nesting capabilities and more stuff that you just can’t do with css. Variables are one really useful thing you get with Sass and Less. You can define things like your site colors in one place, use the variables in your styles and if you ever need to change these colors you just go back and edit the variables. You would not have to go through your styles, copying and pasting new values or do a search and replace which can sometimes be unsafe.

Both Sass and Less also have these things called “mixins” which are these kind of reusable grouping of styles. Mixins can be useful to deal with something like CSS vendor prefixes, for example. To use the latest CSS tricks you sometimes have to repeat the style with a vendor prefix for each of the major browsers so you end up with a bunch of repeated stuff in your CSS, like so:

One thing you can do with a mixin is that you can wrap up all of those styles and call the mixin when you need it, and as many times as you need it. You can even pass parameters into a mixin and reuse it differently in different sections or pages.

Another cool thing about sass and less is the nesting capabilities. I’m a big fan of the nesting thing; here is an example of what I’m talking about:

And here is some Sass:

This nested structure helps you avoid repetition, organize your styles, and makes your CSS more closely resemble your HTML structure which I think is really neat. CSS just makes more sense to me written in this way. These are just some of the reasons why css preprocessors are awesome and why writers of css should be using them. You can get started with sass or less by checking out their documentation at http://sass-lang.com/ for sass and http://lesscss.org/ for less. So check them out, try them, they will make your css much better.

Learn Some Programming

Programming is a huge part of advertising – it’s how we turn great creative concepts into digital reality. I was inspired by this post from Jon Evans of TrackMaven to create a list of resources for people who might want to learn a little bit of programming. Check out Jon’s blog to see a few reasons why it might be helpful – I imagine you’ll find them as convincing as I did.
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Smarter Styling with CSS Preprocessors

Smarter Styling with CSS Preprocessors
In software development we always try to follow rules and best practices to produce better products by minimizing code. One of the most popular mantras is the D.R.Y (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle and states the following:

Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system.

Of course, it is not always easy to perfectly follow this principle. For example, this can become difficult in front-end development and, more precisely, when it comes to CSS.
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Discovering Bootstrap, from Twitter

Bootstrap, from Twitter
Bootstrap is an open source front-end toolkit created two years ago by some Twitter employees. The initial goal was to improve their internal tools but the application was later expanded beyond Twitter. It provides flexible, ready-to-use components to build with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Consequently, Bootstrap has grown to be the most downloaded project on GitHub (more than 33,000 watchers and almost 7,000 forks).
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[TUTORIAL] Fixing CSS Float Issues

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Fixing CSS Float Issues


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During the creation of cheap football kits a website, you will sometimes want to add the “float” CSS property cheap football shirts to some of your containers to handle alignment within a container.

This CSS property specifies whether or not a box within an element should float.
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