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Advertising Satire in GTA 5

I previously posted some screenshots of in-game photographs I’d taken of the advertising in Grand Theft Auto 5. Naturally, it follows to discuss what that advertising means in the context of the game and how it reflects on both the industry and, as an extension, America in general.
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Editorial: An American Perspective on Tintin

I recently took a trip to Europe. My three big stops were in London, Paris, and Prague. One of the things I noticed was the prevalence of marketing for the film “The Adventures of Tintin” already released in most of Europe but coming to the United States this December. At the time, the film was two months away for us Americans, so we hadn’t seen the same sort of widespread advertising for it. However, seeing it advertised in Europe got me thinking about how Americans would react to a character and a story that for the most part is beloved to a characteristically European audience.
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