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DDB’s Impact on the Creative Revolution

With the new season of Mad Men back on AMC, it’s only natural for advertising enthusiasts to take a look at the Creative Revolution of the 1960’s. Advertising in the sixties shaped the advertising industry into the practice used today. Doyle Dane Bernbach was the industry leader in advertising in the 1960s because William Bernbach, the creative mind behind DDB, introduced a different technique for creativity in the sixties that had not been seen before. This is what was known as the Creative Revolution (Dobrow, 1984).
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Art & Copy: Inside Advertising’s Creative Revolution – A Review

Over the weekend, a family member recommended that I watch at Art & Copy, the 2009 film by Doug Pray. Pray’s film is a documentary look inside the world of advertising agencies, the creative minds who have shaped them, and the world of commerce they have defined over the last fifty years.
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