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TUTORIAL TUESDAY: Move focus to and from a custom keyboard’s search field and the third party app’s text field – iOS SWIFT

Happy Tutorial Tuesday! Last week I had to create a keyboard extension for iOS that displays images and a search bar to be able to search for certain images. I looked up several tutorials, everything seemed straight forward… Until I started typing in the search and I couldn’t get the focus back on the the third party app (msg / or any other app). The nightmare began! Continue reading

TUTORIAL TUESDAY: Drupal 8 RESTful Web Services


In this tutorial we’ll review how to use Drupal 8 Restful Web Services. We’ll take you through viewing, creating, editing, and updating entities for your Drupal site. (Note: I am using Beta 14 version in this tutorial.)

Alright, let’s begin!

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iOS : Introduction to Constraints


As we all know, Apple has a few different devices out, and they tend to all have different screen sizes and screen dimensions. It can sometimes be difficult to create compelling and consistent user interfaces across all these devices. But Constraints make creating interfaces that work across all iOS devices easier than ever!

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TUTORIAL: Intro to gulp js: Installing gulp and creating a task

gulpGulp is a build system that takes files in, modifies them and then returns the modified files for use in your project. Gulp can be used to do things like concatenate and compress javascript files, compress images, compile sass back to css and much more.

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Opening the Oculus Rift

We’re stoked that our Oculus Rift development kit has finally arrived and we can begin exploring the possibilities of the VR machine. See what’s inside the box in the video or check out the pictures below.
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Made with Code – Sparking Tech Creativity in Girls

Made with Code, Google’s latest project, is a massive collaboration with a host of outside organizations geared towards getting girls interested in coding. It’s described by Google as “an initiative to champion creativity, girls, and code, all at once.”
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4 HTML5 APIs to Improve Your Web Apps

The HTML5 revolution has brought many useful tools and new APIs with it, but despite new features being implemented in modern browsers, many developers are still unaware of some of those gems. In this post we will take a look at 4 APIs that will help you build web applications more efficiently and offer better user experiences, especially on mobile. As you’ll see, support for these features is more widespread than you might think!
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Estimote Unboxing

We received our Developer Preview Kit from Estimote recently. We’re really excited to work with the beacons, so check them out below!
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[TUTORIAL] Endless Scrolling

Endless Scrolling
Endless scrolling is a popular navigation tool these days. In a nutshell, it consists of loading the content of a page dynamically while the user scrolls to the bottom of the page. With this technology, the user doesn’t need to click on a button to access all of the content on a page, which, in most cases, is a better user experience.
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An Introduction to the Arduino Micro-Controller

Arduino is a micro-controller to build mini-computers able to read informations from sensors (such as the brightness of a room or motion) and then control lights or motors in response. With this tool, we can develop interactive objects.
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ShareKit – iOS Sharing Made Easy

Here’s a cool tool for iOS development. Nate Weiner of Idea Shower created ShareKit to help developers add sharing capabilities to apps with just 3 lines of code. You can customize the code for your needs, but the best part about ShareKit is that its completely free to use in any app under the MIT Open Source License.

You can find ShareKit on GitHub or check it out on the ShareKit website.

You can also find Nate Weiner on Twitter or check out his site.

Leap Motion Controller Unboxing

Today we received our Leap Motion Controller, a new motion detection product that allows you to control your computer in three dimensions with just hands and fingers. We’re excited about the possibilities we can dream up with the product and even more excited about starting to build them!

You can check out Leap Motion below:

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