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Social Media: Key Factors of a Viral Video

The last time I blogged about viral videos, I examined the different types of viral videos that existed in the digital domain (Recap here). This time, I’m going to explore what it is (specifically the key elements) that helps a video go viral.
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The Barbie & Ken Break Up: A Marketing Story

Since 1961, Barbie and Ken shared a life through the decades. Then, in 2004, Mattel did something that shocked the toy industry. They announced that Barbie and Ken had broken up on Valentines Day in 2004. Society watched and waited in suspense to see if Barbie and Ken would rekindle their romance. In this blog I’ll break down the famous Barbie and Ken break up that took place in various forms of media, which encompassed a marketing plan in a league of its own.
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Writing: 5 Tips for Digital Copywriting

Copywriting for digital advertising is often a key part of online advertising features. While I’m not going to delve into specifics of different types of online features and advertisements, I thought I would share some of the different tips I’ve accumulated for copywriting.
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Advertising: QR Codes Part 3: Creativity

QR codes no longer have to be black and white, but can incorporate creativity. Since more companies are utilizing the 2D codes, incorporating creativity allows a brand to stand out from its competition. Marketers must not only educate, but also attract the audience to scan the QR codes. Below I will discuss creativity used in QR codes across industries.
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Advertising: QR Codes Part 2: Pros and Cons

When there are pros, there are always cons. Quick Response codes can be a useful digital tool for some but they are not for everyone. In Part 2 of QR codes I’ll discuss the bright and not so bright sides of QR codes in relation to business marketing.
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Advertising: QR Codes Part 1: The Basics

In the last five days I’d estimate I’ve seen over fifteen QR codes throughout my day-to-day activities. I’ve seen them in magazines and on billboards and posters across industries like fashion, food and movies, among others. QR codes seem to be getting more and more creative as businesses, small and large, begin to integrate them into their media. I will cover QR codes in a three part blog series where I’ll first discuss the basics and of QR codes in relation to business marketing, the pros and drawbacks of QR codes and lastly, the growing creativity of the codes.
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Advertising in Video Games: A Brief Introduction – Part 2

In my last article, I focused on traditional gaming. That is, the games you buy packaged at the store for the PC or any number of consoles. However, at the end I touched on something that is changing the way a lot of marketers are looking at in-game advertising – the rise of casual gaming and social media platforms that are facilitating those games.
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Gaming and Marketing

Gaming has an important role in the market place for brands and companies. A branded game provides in-depth engagement and can be leveraged across platforms. Gamification also increases brand adoption, brand loyalty, sharing and the most important bottom line to marketers: sales.
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Google+ : Google with a + Sign Next To It


Google just unveiled their own social network: Google+. Since I apparently don’t have enough status in the cool kid’s club to be in on the first round of invites, I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I’ve seen and heard so far.

The first thing that struck me is that Google+ is a validation of +1’s existence. I had discussed previously that I thought +1 was a good attempt by Google at competing with Facebook’s Like, but didn’t have the full social infrastructure beneath it to support. But that is the probably the least interesting thing about Google+, which has plenty of features which merit discussion.

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Social Media: Some Cool Examples of Interactive YouTube Videos

Interactive videos are a great way to create interesting and innovative content for a company or brand. These videos generally a narrative where the user has a chance to influence the narrative of the story.

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