Lightning in a Bottle
Last weekend, I went to a wonderful festival known as Lightning in a Bottle in Silverado, CA. The festival was held from Thursday until Monday morning. Lightning in a Bottle is created by The Do LaB, known for their work at Coachella. The festival had about 7,000 people who were much more respectful than most festival goers – they made sure to throw away all of their trash and left nothing behind. It was a mixed group of ages ranging from youngsters to seniors. Everyone was there for their love for music. There were some well known DJs such as Glitch Mob and Bassnectar as well as some other underground DJs who were equally talented. The festival had also featured plenty of artwork such as paintings, structures, and even interactive media. There were so many happy faces and everyone was generous and helpful. All of the live shows took place at amazing handcrafted stages such as the Bamboo Stage or Woogie Stage. It was amazing to be apart of a community which was so loving and caring for the environment. The music┬áliterally played for four days straight and it is truly an experience that I’m excited to participate in again next year.
Lightning in a Bottle 2