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May the 4th Be With You.

It’s Star Wars Day, and the Force is strong in Downtown LA. Whether you drive a car, bike, Death Star, or ride the bus, check out how some of the surrounding parking lots have been reimagined to accommodate some of the Galaxy’s most preferred modes of transport.


Parallel parking the Millennium Falcon is by no means an easy feat. Hence, why it’s given its own VIP spot.
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Night On Broadway : DTLA

Located in the Historic Core of Downtown LA, the agency has its advantages when it comes to old Hollywood historygorgeous architecture, amazing eateries, and a booming art scene. Well, if ever there was a time to dust off the top hat, it is now.

In an effort to revitalize and restore this area of DTLA, councilman Huizar is leading a decade-long effort towards “Bringing Back Broadway”. Below is a direct quote from the website, which aims to restore, preserve, and light up the signs and many of the historic buildings and theaters, in addition to bringing back the streetcar that was once used for public transit before the advent of automobiles! Imagine walking down the street as it was a century ago, glittering and glorious with lighted marquises, and the sounds of vaudevillian music and streetcar bells filling the night air!

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Downtown Test Flights

Here are two videos of paper plane trial runs from the roof. One is a little bit more successful than the other.

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