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Are Smartphones Making Us Dumb?

The answer is, probably not. But “dumb phones” are making a comeback. 


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Selfie Nation


Over the centuries, the self-portrait has lived in the world as a clear portrayal of self-expression. From Frida Kahlo, who painted endless portraits of herself, to Chuck Close, who used photography of his visage, to now Kim Kardashian, who has published a rather large photo book of only Selfies— people have created their own narratives and sense-of-self through this form of visual representation. Even cave men drew pictures on their walls of themselves in action, expressing their daily life.

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Make your life easier with IFTTT

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of IFTTT (pronounce it like “gift”) but if you like to have everything automated around you, IFTTT is what you need.

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. Here is how it works:

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Super Bowl Trends

As Super Bowl weekend nears, a few of the big tech names have launched activities, commercials, and applications focusing on the big audience week.

Here’s a few…

Über (Los Angeles):

Uber and Animal Planet are teaming up with Wags and Walks dog rescue to deliver puppy playtime to offices in Los Angeles. (Pretty cute!)


Facebook Rolls Out Football-Only Feed Ahead of Super Bowl

Because we all know it’s all about the feed the feed the feed.


Google trends is  on the hunt for the next Super Bowl Champion.

Hint: I don’t think Bostononians are gonna be happy with the  current trend.

Introducing GLTCH – A Free Glitch Art App for iOS

Available today for free in the iTunes App Store, the iOS app GLTCH streamlines the creation of glitch art. Turn any image or GIF into a beautiful mistake with GLTCH. Getting started is easy – simply upload a picture or animated GIF or grab one from the search gallery. Choose a GLTCH and then save your creation to your phone or share it to your favorite social networks.

You can see examples of glitch art on the GLTCH Tumblr.

Be sure to follow @GLTCH on Twitter for updates and news.

Vintage Advertisements – Facebook

Facebook - Your Story Told
Here is the second piece in our series of vintage advertisements, looking at the memories that Facebook helps you to create and preserve.

The True Value of the Facebook “Fan”

The True Value of the Facebook
As marketers, we all know that Facebook, along with other social media outlets, has allowed marketers to engage in two-way conversations with consumers. This has created the potential to foster meaningful, two-way conversations with consumers on a regular basis. But, is something missing?
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Internet Discourse and Identity – A Primer

The concept of identity on the Internet has shifted drastically since its early days. Back in the first years of its inception, the Internet was dominated by anonymous discourse, an ever-changing landscape of chat logs and static webpages filled with animated GIFs. That world, for the most part, has largely disappeared, giving way to “the social web.” However, I believe that name is a bit misleading – the web has always been a social medium. Social media wasn’t invented, it merely gained a household name. In this blog, I’ll look at some of the ways the concepts of identity and communication over the Internet have shifted and evolved since the advent of widespread “social media.”
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