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STAR WARS – An Empire Divided by Debt

In another lead up to May the 4th, here’s an article from the Coruscant Journal we featured in a blog a long, long time ago.

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Fooled by Randomness – A Review


Over Thanksgiving break, I finished reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in the Markets and in Life. While the book uses the financial world as the basis for its illuminating look into the world of luck and our perceptions of it, the lessons it imparts are valuable for evaluating our own experiences with chance and volatility in every day life.
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Star Wars: An Empire Divided by Debt


It seems that even in a galaxy far far away and a long time ago that they dealt with some of the same problems that we deal with today. We found this article from well respected newspaper “The Coruscant Journal” detailing some of the financial problems facing the Galactic Empire and various responses to it from around the known galaxy.

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