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OMG, It’s 2015 and iPosture is NOT CUTE.


Before I was a copywriter, I worked as an office manager for a production company. When we would hire new people, I often got sucked into the role of “interviewer” because of how unassuming and/or intimidating I was or wasn’t. I really looked forward to it, not because it put me in a position of power, but because I could pretend to make notes on the applicant’s resume while really all I was doing was tally-marking every time they used the word, “like.” Do you realize how much more attractive, intelligent, and cool you would appear to be if you could eliminate this word from your vocabulary? Like, seriously. Now I’m going to talk about what you look like when you hold your iPhone.

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Social Media: Day of the Buttons


Google just unveiled their +1 feature in order to compete with Facebook’s Like button. When a user presses the +1 button on a website, that +1 will be visible whenever that website comes up in one of their Google contacts’ searches. Twitter also rolled out their Follow button which allows people to follow the writer’s Twitter account without going directly to Twitter’s website. While Twitter’s move extends the functionality of following someone on Twitter and encourages more users to adopt their service (which is definitely something they should be doing), Google’s move has a little bit more behind it in terms of getting a social edge and moving into a space outside of search.
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