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Longhand 3.0 – Awards for Words

Longhand 3.0
Longhand is an advertising awards show based in India that firmly stands against the belief that “long copy is dead.” In its 3rd year, the contest features several briefs and judges from both the UK and India. As you might guess, the judging of the contest is based on the craft of the written word rather than stunning visuals.

This year’s clients are National Geographic, Concern India, and Zee Media Corporation Limited. Winning work gets paid and has the chance to run in the client’s campaign. At the very least, submitting is a chance to use an oft forgotten but incredibly important tool in the writer’s arsenal.

If you need inspiration, here’s what made the cut in 2013.
Submissions are due May 31st.

Check out their promotional posters below. You can click each image for a larger version.
Poster 1
Poster 2

Long Copy – An Uphill Battle

Long Copy - Main
Writing copy that intrigues your reader and ultimately drives them to action is difficult. When you’re pushing for a sell using your words as a weapon, it’s tough to get people to soldier through paragraph after paragraph. The trick is to get your viewers to start reading at all, and that’s why it’s important to make sure that your long copy is interesting and arresting from the get-go. When you sit down to write, you want to immediately intrigue, probe or surprise. Hopefully your headline has taken care of that part. After that point, it’s time to break out the big guns in the smaller font.
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Vintage Advertisements – Facebook

Facebook - Your Story Told
Here is the second piece in our series of vintage advertisements, looking at the memories that Facebook helps you to create and preserve.

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