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Red Tails: Airborne Game Launch

Red Tails: Airborne
We just launched the dog fighting game Red Tails: Airborne for the Blu-ray and DVD release of Red Tails. Check it out and see how many enemy fighters you can take down.

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Editorial: An American Perspective on Tintin

I recently took a trip to Europe. My three big stops were in London, Paris, and Prague. One of the things I noticed was the prevalence of marketing for the film “The Adventures of Tintin” already released in most of Europe but coming to the United States this December. At the time, the film was two months away for us Americans, so we hadn’t seen the same sort of widespread advertising for it. However, seeing it advertised in Europe got me thinking about how Americans would react to a character and a story that for the most part is beloved to a characteristically European audience.
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For Lovers Only: How to Make a Movie with No Budget

Normally for a film to succeed in Hollywood it needs a pretty sizable budget. That’s the generally-accepted Hollywood method of making a film. Gather together a large sum of money to hire A-list stars, create expensive sets, and most importantly, to secure advertising space on every medium possible (television, print, billboards) so they can get audiences to watch the film in theaters. However, with the price of digital camcorders and still cameras that shoot video decreasing with every passing year, as well as the methods of distribution changing, the generally accepted (read: traditional) way of making a film is slowly being replaced. Now, filmmakers have the ability and flexibility to create the movies they want to create, without having to go through the studios and executives who would prefer to make money rather than make art. “For Lovers Only” is one example of this new method of filmmaking. And with the film’s success ($200,000 in profits within the first month of release alone), this method may be something worth looking at.
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Research On BD-Live Social Initiatives: Part 2

In the first part of the blog, we discussed why most Blu-ray social media initiatives fail. We listed several problems that we found across all titles. In this blog, we shall discuss how to address the challenges associated with current BD-Live social initiatives in order to launch a successful Blu-ray social campaign.
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Film Review: For Lovers Only

It’s a rare occurrence in Hollywood for a no-budget film to make it and receive some sort of recognition. It’s an even rarer occurrence for it to actually make a profit. Yet “For Lovers Only,” an Independent film by Mark and Michael Polish (“Twin Falls, Idaho”; “The Astronaut Farmer”) has accomplished both of that, and more. Released in July, the film raked in approximately $200,000 in profits within the first few weeks alone (via The Wrap). A truly impressive feat for a film made in 12 days with a zero-dollar budget (literally) and only a DSLR Canon 5D Mark II. But more on the success of its marketing strategy in next week’s blog post; this week’s blog post analyzes the film itself.
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Research On BD-Live Social Initiatives: Part 1

With total revenue in home entertainment in decline for the past six years, movie studios have recently tried to push more Blu-rays’ BD-Live features. These efforts included developing integrated social media campaigns. While there were some promising BD-Live programs such as for True Blood – Season 2, most BD-Live social features have been rather underwhelming. To understand better the challenges of BD-Live social media initiatives, we decided to conduct extensive research. In this blog, we show you some of the issues that we found across multiple titles. In part 2, we’ll show solutions to overcome these problems.
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Star Wars: An Empire Divided by Debt


It seems that even in a galaxy far far away and a long time ago that they dealt with some of the same problems that we deal with today. We found this article from well respected newspaper “The Coruscant Journal” detailing some of the financial problems facing the Galactic Empire and various responses to it from around the known galaxy.

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Star Wars: A Facebook Saga


Whether you’re an infamous Dark Lord of the Sith, a rising Rebel hot shot, or a Jedi trying to bring his father back from evil, you still have to keep in touch with friends and family. Luckily, social media found its way onto the Holonet sometime after the fall of the Old Republic so Jedi, Sith, and aliens alike could stay networked.
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Star Wars by the Numbers


There are a lot of things to keep track of in the galaxy. Hopefully these infographics will help keep you up to date on the information that you need to know to get by in the galaxy without a hitch.
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On Content Development and the Creative Process

The creative process is challenging and rewarding. If you’re creating content for a campaign, there are several ways to go about it. This article is going to look at the development of content (for my purposes, we’ll consider hypothetical movie campaign) and some of my views and good ways to jump-start and sustain creative ideation.
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