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Are Smartphones Making Us Dumb?

The answer is, probably not. But “dumb phones” are making a comeback. 


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OMG, It’s 2015 and iPosture is NOT CUTE.


Before I was a copywriter, I worked as an office manager for a production company. When we would hire new people, I often got sucked into the role of “interviewer” because of how unassuming and/or intimidating I was or wasn’t. I really looked forward to it, not because it put me in a position of power, but because I could pretend to make notes on the applicant’s resume while really all I was doing was tally-marking every time they used the word, “like.” Do you realize how much more attractive, intelligent, and cool you would appear to be if you could eliminate this word from your vocabulary? Like, seriously. Now I’m going to talk about what you look like when you hold your iPhone.

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ShareKit – iOS Sharing Made Easy

Here’s a cool tool for iOS development. Nate Weiner of Idea Shower created ShareKit to help developers add sharing capabilities to apps with just 3 lines of code. You can customize the code for your needs, but the best part about ShareKit is that its completely free to use in any app under the MIT Open Source License.

You can find ShareKit on GitHub or check it out on the ShareKit website.

You can also find Nate Weiner on Twitter or check out his site.

Monsters University – Throwback Thursday

Monsters University - Throwback Thursday
The students at Monsters University started submitting their own Throwback Thursday pictures yesterday. Though Thursday has come and gone, you can submit your own Throwback Thursday picture to become part of an exclusive Monsters University collage over at Pixar’s Yahoo! Movies hub. In addition, you can follow the throwbacks on Twitter at #MonstersUTBT.

When you’re done, don’t forget to study up on your scaring over the weekend – we hear there’s a quiz next week.

Vertical Response’s Copywriting Cheat Sheet

Copywriting Cheat Sheet
Here’s an infographic from email service Vertical Response’s blog on how to write for various platforms on the web. Most of you likely have this drilled deep into your skull, but a quick refresher never hurt anyone.
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Posting to Reddit – An Idiot’s Guide

So, for who knows what reason, you’re posting to Reddit. You could be showing off a picture of a cat, something “hilarious” your family did, or trying to show off anything cool you came across (or want to promote). Reddit is a great tool for getting mass exposure to an idea, but you have to play by the unwritten laws of the community. In this post, I’ll try to give you a lay of the land for your endeavors, be they personal or commercial.
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Vintage Advertisements – Facebook

Facebook - Your Story Told
Here is the second piece in our series of vintage advertisements, looking at the memories that Facebook helps you to create and preserve.

The True Value of the Facebook “Fan”

The True Value of the Facebook
As marketers, we all know that Facebook, along with other social media outlets, has allowed marketers to engage in two-way conversations with consumers. This has created the potential to foster meaningful, two-way conversations with consumers on a regular basis. But, is something missing?
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Internet Discourse and Identity – A Primer

The concept of identity on the Internet has shifted drastically since its early days. Back in the first years of its inception, the Internet was dominated by anonymous discourse, an ever-changing landscape of chat logs and static webpages filled with animated GIFs. That world, for the most part, has largely disappeared, giving way to “the social web.” However, I believe that name is a bit misleading – the web has always been a social medium. Social media wasn’t invented, it merely gained a household name. In this blog, I’ll look at some of the ways the concepts of identity and communication over the Internet have shifted and evolved since the advent of widespread “social media.”
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Fancy Versus Pinterest

I’m sure most of you are now aware of Pinterest, an interactive site where you can pin your favorite pictures, recipes, and also look at other user’s pins. Fancy is very similar to Pinterest but also offers the opportunity to buy any product that you “Fancy.” Unlike Pinterest, where you can “Like” something but there may not necessarily be a link showing you where you can find the product.
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