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Post-PC Infographics

Post-PC Main
Whether you know it or not, the times they-are-a-changing – and they have been for some time. Here are some infographics we created showing some of the important facts about the Post-PC era and how clients and agencies must adapt to remain competitive and relevant.

Click here to see the full-size infographic, or check below the fold for each individual piece.
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Unboxing + Demo of Sphero

Watch as we take a look inside Sphero, a cool new toy from Orbotix.

Tablet and Smartphone Resolution Sizes

Just in case you were mystified by the resolution sizes of today’s preferred devices, here are some handy graphics to help you during any design and development.
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Vintage Advertisements – Nintendo Wii U

Wii U Vintage Advertisement
In anticipation of the Wii U’s debut this holiday season, we thought we’d bring some vintage advertising flair to the cutting edge system. We hope you enjoy the nod to the age of long copy. Click on the image for a larger version.

Stay tuned for other vintage copy ads to come!

Discovering Bootstrap, from Twitter

Bootstrap, from Twitter
Bootstrap is an open source front-end toolkit created two years ago by some Twitter employees. The initial goal was to improve their internal tools but the application was later expanded beyond Twitter. It provides flexible, ready-to-use components to build with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Consequently, Bootstrap has grown to be the most downloaded project on GitHub (more than 33,000 watchers and almost 7,000 forks).
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E3 2012: Nintendo’s Wii U vs. Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass

E3 2012 opened with a bang as Nintendo and Microsoft each squared off to fight for tablet supremacy with announcements to bring Second Screen to the console.
It seems that we’re destined for tablet-gaming future. So which one will make the cut?
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