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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so here’s a few GIFs from Cinema Paradiso to get you in the mood. (Try to watch this movie and NOT cry.)

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!!


Check out more LOVEly GIFs here, and also, our Gifscapade App channel for more of our movie GIFs.


Existentialist Candy Hearts

Existentialist Candy Hearts
Everybody does Valentine’s Day in their own way, but how do you find the perfect gift for that special brooding philosopher in your life? These existentialist candy hearts might be the best way to get across your affection for them and your appreciation for their philosophy of the meaningless nature of existence. And candy.
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14 Valentine’s Day Movies Everyone Can Love

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, check out a list of ten films that everyone (yes, guys and girls alike) can enjoy.
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