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On the Fifth Day of Star Wars, Darth Vader Gave to Me….

Star Wars Propaganda Posters.


Like what you see? Interested in owning these as prints to frame and hang in your abode? Drop us a line, and we’ll hook you up.

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Society6 : Minimalist Art, Shirts, Mugs, and More!

Did you know that you can purchase our artwork on Society6? Our minimalist movie posters make great holiday gifts! We also have the vintage travel Star Wars posters that are sure to delight the Star Wars fan in your life.




Don’t see a minimalist film you love or need? Drop us a line, there’s a pretty good chance we have it in the archive.

The Future of Television Presents: Ads of The Past


Here are some vintage Apple TV ads, idk.

Netflix & ChillResponsibly!

A friendly reminder this Holiday Season from your friends at Apple TV.


Apple TV and you, and all your friends. Home is where it’s at.


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Star Wars Propaganda Posters

The countdown to Star Wars Day continues. Here are some vintage propaganda posters inspired by the Dark Side.

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Vintage Travel Posters from the Imperial Tourism Bureau

Star Wars Day is right around the corner, so make sure you book your travel stay through the Imperial Tourism Bureau at one of our premiere tourist destinations!


With its crisp alpine air, mountain vistas, and lush meadows, Alderaan boasts perfect temperatures year-round.

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A Walk Through The Petersen Car Museum

We stopped by The Petersen CarMuseum the other day to have a look around. There were a ton of great things to see there, so we took a few snaps to share out favorite ones.

Click on each picture for a larger version.


Rocket Car

Old School

Chauffeur Rules


Mach 5

Frozen’s Arendelle Travel Poster

Arendelle Travel Poster
Check out this awesome vintage poster for Arendelle from Disney’s Frozen, hitting theaters November 27th!

Vintage Advertisements – Facebook

Facebook - Your Story Told
Here is the second piece in our series of vintage advertisements, looking at the memories that Facebook helps you to create and preserve.

Van Helpsing’s Handy Citizen’s Guide to Vampire Defense: Excerpts

After digging through the agency attic this weekend, we came upon a rare gem from the 1960’s – a civil defense manual addressing the vampire threat featuring little-known propaganda character Van Helpsing. With “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” coming out this weekend, we thought it would be cool to show off the cover and some excerpts from this vintage guide on how to combat the undead.

I’ve copied down the text and added some relevant videos below the cut-off.
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Vintage Muppets Commercials

Puppeteer Jim Henson is best known for the characters he created for “Sesame Street” and “The Muppet Show.” But before his success with “Sesame Street” and “The Muppets Show,” Jim Henson spent years working on hundreds of commercials throughout the 1960s and 70s. During that experimental period, he introduced and developed many of the characters as we know them today.
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